Why does Chinese tea become a popular drink all over the world?

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 18:51
Visitors tasting tea

Visitors tasting tea

Looking at the world, tea is now all over the world's five continents, 64 countries around the world grow tea, 30 countries or regions can export tea stably, more than 150 countries or regions import tea all year round, and more than 160 countries and regions have the habit of drinking tea.

Judging from the existing data, in 2020, the world's tea output will be 6.269 million tons, and China's tea output was 2.986 million tons, ranking first in the world; the world's total tea area is 76.47 million mu, and China's total tea area is 47.475 million mu, also ranking first in the world. China's tea has a huge impact on the world's tea production and consumption, accounting for 47.63% of the world's tea production, 41.68% of the world's total tea consumption, and 19.14% of the world's tea exports.

At present, it is the "golden age" of the development of China's tea industry. Nearly half of the world's people (more than 3 billion people) drink tea every day, and the world drinks more than 3 billion cups of tea a day.